26.12.2015 - ESTEPONA

Last stop in Europe before crossing over in Tarifa, well known as the most southern place in Europe. Long trip to go again with about 740km. It was a nice route passing Murcia. In former times they filmed the old western movies here in these areas. Now I understand why. It looks like a dry and wide steppe.

A blessed guardian angel of my grandmother is always right on my handlebar to help and accompany me both in bad times and in good times.

Not only a funny police control for alcohol test but more fall asleep on my tankbag on a parking prevented me achieving my destination earlier. The officer has not taken the control serious any more the closer I came with my fully loaded bike since he didn't check the result. But they had to control everyone passing them.

Searching a place to sleep in Marbella wasn't successful. So I continued to Estepona. When I have eventually been arriving it was already 4.30! Enough.

Next morning I niticed an conspicuous metallic sound. First breakdown! The mount of the engine guard was broken. Due to the kick starter was scrubbing in the screw it teared off. But as well prepered as I am I had the right parts on my fingertips and fixed it on the probably most southern Aldi Nord's parking of the world.

That was obviously meant to be an eye catcher for all the clients. And I had a very nice talk with Javier for instance telling he was quite jealous.
Here I met Ines as well. She was wondering if 'B├╝rgermeister' on one of my cases was swedish or german. We had I an interesting talk and therefore she invited me to stay the night in her guest apartment on her finca. An accomodation could honestly be worse.

Later in the afternoon I met Michael a friend of our family.

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