28.12.2015 - ASILAH

Before I left Estepona I met there three other travellers in front of the supermarket. Martin (Poland), Alexa (Ireland) and David (Chezque) met three months ago. Martin has already been travelling through whole Europe for 10 years. Just amazing!
After just one more hour on the bike Marroko was already in view. It was a bit foggy but nevertheless you could already recognize the shapes on the other side of the Strait of Gribraltar.


Finally I arrived in Tarifa, to cross over. Europe in the books, welcome in Africa!
I met the crew of the 'Sahara Desert Challange' on the ferry. When we arrived in Tanger I made the first steps on the african continent. 

After completing all the entry documents, I decided following them in a saver convoy. Our way was in direction of Asilah. New challange finding a save spot, I appriciate somewhere outside of Asillah behind the bushes. You feel much saver with this donkey in your neighbourhood. He was honestly as inconspicious that I actually didn't noticed him when arriving. 

The next morning was like a revelation of the beauty of the countryside and people as well. Whatever they might be behind us in material thing they easiely outweigh with their enormous gentility. All you need is just a simple as-salam aleikum breaking the ice. 
First Mohammed joined me for a little breakfast before leaving to work. Later Abdoublf invited me to stay with him. Another Mohamed gave me some hard french lessons later. But ladies and soccer is quite an international theme. 

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  1. Hallo Onkel Simon, hier ist dein Theo. Wir wollen auch ein Video von einem Esel sehen :-)
    Oder in Afrika von den Geparden.