25.01.2016 - OUAGADOUGOU

After a day on proper road conditions I went for more offroad again.Nice tracks were leading through cotton fields and the typical villages of Burkina's countryside. People are awesome even if strange police officers try to unsettle you. But therefore I got an insight in their department. One guy was fixed with handcuffs on a bed in a corner. Scary conditions!

Last refreshment before heading to the border of Cote d'Ivore. An amazingly delicious portion of typical rice with sauce for about 40 cents. And even for me it was enough. 

I had to leave Burkina and am still disappointed. I was not hijacked or kidnapped in the terror hell of Burkina. According to the european news I honestly expected more action here. This lady of the broder control asked for a picture with a tall white man. 


  1. no kidnapping!?!
    so you have to write some lines to the German Federal Foreign Office... May be, that you are a bit to fast on the way with your "Moped"

  2. Take good care of yourself. Can't wait to see your pics from Nigeria!