27.01.2016 - MAN

You see them drying food on the road. It is kind like potatoes they are harvesting in the bushes. Germany supports this villages with a financial cooperation.

Group picture with the youths in Touba. Later we spent about two annoying hours in the police station for something like registration. Seems like you shouldn't spent to much time in this strange city. 

locals recommanded staying at athe waterfalls for the night. It was a tough track on the last 200m. Martin dropped his bike.

Unfortunately there acutally was no real waterfall. but still enough for a shower and washing the dishes - bonfire as usual.

Little breakfast for Martin and me in the morning while waiting for drying the tents.

We had omlets for second breakfast. The shop owners were amused by our chef's cooking skills. Last before going on the nice road again.

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  1. ...perhaps the policeofficer is angry about being not invitet to the photoshooting...