16.02.2016 - LAGOS

We arrived in Lagos in the afternoon rush hour. So it was lots of fun in the traffic. Others would say horrible. But if you stand these conditions you are able to handle the traffoc all over the world. 
Father Paschal pick us up in the city and we were following him. It was probabely one of the hardest ways so far. I guess Lagos is the only city a 4wd is required for the centre. Deep sand, broken roads and dangerous pot wholes everywhere make riding to a challange. And you still have to fight for your line with billions trucks, taxis and motortaxis. All you need is a horn, courage and good luck. But here you can already notice the effects of corruption. Nigeria is supposed to be one of the richest countries in Africa. They run big businesses as being a main oil supplier. But there is no money reaching the people. Residents are not demanding for more than drivable roads to their houses and permanent electricity. There is no way without your own generator in the city. 

The next morning we went to the 9am chidren's mass in the temporary church. The priest welcomed us in their community and invited everybody meeting us later on the yard. After just a few minutes our bikes were surrounded by hundrets of kids. They all wanted to sit on our 'powerbikes' - we couldn't deny their wish.

But they are actually building a new church right now. They have already been working on it for 6 years all financed by found rising. They intend to finish it within the next 2 years. The new one is familiarly designed as an older one in a diferent district. But it will have one more floor for halls and offices. 

Paschal took all his time guiding us around the city. He shew us more than we ever expected to see in only a couple of days. We thank him and all the people from Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church for all your welcome and hospitility. 

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