22.02.2016 - LIMBE

A long way to Limbe was on the menu for today. The first hour gravel road enjoying but not making many kilometers. After a very long day we arrrived in the campsite in Limbe. It is located directely next to the sea. After dinner in the village we went for a swim in the pool and washed our smelling clothes.

We met this group of about 20 overlanders travelling all together in one truck. The make the trip from London to Capetown and up to Cairo in 40 weeks.

In the morning Me and the rest of the camp site were woken up by my bike's alarm. It started several times. When I opened my tent there has curiously nobody been. I tried to turn off the alarm with the remote control - without success. The alarm was still running. I quickly took the appropriate tool of my case, opened the airfilter box and unpluged the device. After 5 minutes non stop alarm silence occured again.
We went to Buea for breakfast. It's a beautyful village at the food of mount Cameroun. Unfortunately you couldn't really see the peak because of all the clouds. But the breakfast was nice anyway.

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