24.02.2016 - ABAN MINKOO

Martin and me splitt up in the afternoon. He's continuing in Cameroun and me to Gabon. I planned sleeping just before the border and crossing in the morning. I thought I found a great spot when finnaly arriving in the jungle. 
I was not suprised there were many animals and sounds at night. But at night I recognized an ant scrambeling on my food. So I removed it. A few seconds the next and more and more. When I used the torch I was a bit shocked. The entire tent was covered by billions of ants. And they were comming in through the little gap in the grid zippers. I closed it with a piece of cloth. But after a minute there were still comming more. Suddenly I remembered there was a little hole in my tent ground. Then I saw all of them stopless entering beneath the mattress. So there was no way than escaping from here. I packed all my stuff together as fast as possible and carrying 100m away. Ants everywhere on the ground, cloths, bike, in my hair and even in my knickers. I tried getting rid of them and put all on the bike again.

A local guy saw me struggling on the street at night. He helped me and invited me sleeping in his guesthouse. That place was supposed to be antsless. 

Even in the next morning there were some ants left. I could luckyly have a shower and washing them out of my hair. Their bits really hurt with the strong jaws. So take care sleeping in the jungle. I learned my lesson.

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