29.01.2016 - TABOU

The breakfast in the village was fun. I just gave a little boy my camera and he took many nice shots and videos from a kid's prospective. A UN convoy was interested in us as well. They protect this area because there was an attack by some Liberian rebells in a village one month ago.

Little breakdown was fixed quickly on the improvised way. Martin's main stand broke. We simply fixed two strong screws with some clips. It works pretty well so war.

We were lovely recieved by a big crowed of village kids. 'Les blances' were were exciting for them.

Finally arrived at the ocean and we took a long wished bath. The refreshment was necessary after a few dusty and muggy days in the woods. Big waves heavily disturbed us but it was fun.  Swimming is probablely the best therapy for my injured leg. 

The kids are already in young ages very athletic and shew us some of their skills. 

This friendly lady washed all our cloths at the next morning. It really was hard work to get all the sweat and dirt out of them. But she scrubbed them as hard as possibly on the board. She didn't want to have any money. So we gave her kids a football as a present to shew our gratitude. 

While we were waiting for our cloths the children discovered the camera. 

Dive into culture, tradition and people - The right way to discover the country.

Before we left Bert played with the kids on his motorbike. It obviously was lots of fun for them. 

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  1. Oh ja, gebe den Kindern eine Kamera und du bekommst mit die besten Bilder! Völlig unvoreingenommen und mit dem Fokus auf anderen Dingen.
    Und ja, beweglich sind sie auch...das ist echt unfassbar, mal abgesehen von den Tanzskills!
    Ich kann es kaum abwarten, wie es dir hier in Südafrika gefällt!