Highest priority when reaching Maun was cleaning the bikes from salt, sand and more disturbing layers.

We have already known it's going to be a hard challenge finding a effortable solution entering the Delta. After the bike wash we met different people at the fuel station. So first contacts with locals. That is probably the most important if you want to avoid the expensive trips. We arranged quite a good deal and went to the campsite. I first had to open the clutch again. The setting was too bad. 

We decided for a boat trip with a mokoro. It's a traditional kanu driven by so called polars. So next experience beside the safari truck and big boat in Chobe. Even if we've only scratched on the edge of the Delta it was a dreamlike drive. Smallest path through high grasses. 

We were a bit confused when arriving at the campsite. We should have a rest for 3,5h here before going for a hike with our guide. Martin and me took our chance for self discovering. We didn't make 20000k for resting. Of course we've been in the bush and dangerous wild life area. And we luckily could rely on Martin's gps even if we had to pass knee deep waters. 

So we started the official part with feeled five gallons water in each shoe. Unfortunately our guide was lazy in the beginning. After pushing him we eventually got the promised information about nature and animals. A small gift was a stunning sunset in the end of the hike. 

I didn't want to miss this unique opportunity in my life going for a run in the Delta the next morning. I started before sunrise when the rest of our camp was still sleeping. That was obviously the most amazing run in my life. The feeling of nature and wilderness is pure adrenalin in your veins. 

After running with the buffalos I took a bath in the river. A hippo was quite closed by as well. For the right feeling you have to swim naked of course. The guide was not so amused when I came back. But you have to do your own way sometimes. And I actually didn't care about his mood. No one cares if you are attacked here. I'm convinced you can do that with the right sense for nature. 

It was raining a lot in Maun the last day. Much more than in the Delta. We put all our stuff in my tent before leaving. Everthing was floaded. But the computer was luckily on the top and not flooded. 

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