31.03.2016 - CHOBE

Next morning easy border cross to Botswana. The officers were excited by our trip. They immediately put two of Martin's stickers on their post window. 

Finallay arrived in Botswana as the country I've always link to wild life since my childhood. I shouldn't be disappointed. We were driving through a national park to Chobe. We asked if it was possible. Loud bikes were required and no stopping on the road. No big deal with Martin's 2 stroke machine gun. It's quite difficult finding all the animals between the bushes. They look pretty outstanding in the documentaries every time. But actually they are perfectly hidden. Sometimes I can't find them on my videos even if I know which animal was one tape. But we're catching giraffs, chasing elephants and hunting hyenas. And of course we stopped. 

At the end of the park you pass the gate to the Seduku National Park. Instead of going to town and paying the official expensive prices we asked some drivers here. So we went for a very touristy game drive. But this is the only way getting in. You are almost nowhere allowed entering with a motorbike. But the driver was a cool guy and tried finding the hidden lions offroad. Actually it's strictly prohibited leaving the main tracks. And in the afternoon I completed the tourist package with a boat trip. But sometimes you have to be one of them. And it was worth it seeing lots of animals. Sometimes you almost forget that it's is true wild life out there. But Martin and me took the b-line and went for a morning run in the park though. We saw at least some kudus and impalas. 

Never forget this is no playground. Even our spot at the campsite was adventures. I met Sarah and her friends on the afternoon boat trip. They are students from the US doing a semester abroad in Capetown. During spring break they hired two trucks and are on the way from Windhoek to Livingstone. They promised organising a party at our final destination. I'm really looking forward in hope of a red rope on the finish line. Capetown we are coming...in a few weeks.

Last night somebody told me about cyclists in the camp. They have accordingly been on the road for 11 years now. I definitively had to meet them. Next morning I luckily caught them before leaving. Monika and Roberto from Switzerland have started a one year trip to Asia. But they couldn't stop. Now they're on their way back home starting from South Africa. 

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