Me and my KTM LC4 welcome everyone on this blogsite and invite you joining us on a 'coming true dream'. I will travel from my hometown Heidelberg to the Cape of Good Hope.

But step by step...

After graduating in my bachelor I was thinking about what to do in the gap of time in between before starting my master. Serveral options were possible. One was imediately start to work, learn and earn money. The other was discovering the world. But honestly the last one sounded more exciting to me. 

Of course there were more than thousands of possibilities. But there has been a dream for a very long time now. A certain person in my life inspired me doing a motorbike trip to Marocco. By growing this idea I was more and more infected by the 'african fever'. literally I wanted to travel the entire continent.

First I discarded that thought as impossible. But the fever was still in me and I began a little research of possible routs. Against all minds I detailed the plans. The result after three months is a several months long adventure through likely the most diversiving spots in the world. 

The route guides me from the modern western Europe to the south of Spain. From here I cross over the strait of Gibraltar and continue through thousands of kilometers in the Sahara Sessert. By coming closer to the equator the clima zones change from sub-tropical tropical conditions until I reach the deepest jungle in Congo. New challanges will wait for me in the Namib Dessert, Okawango Delta, Victoria Falls and on the rest of about 30.000km. 

I am excited of making loads of experiences and collect a mass of impressions. I try keeoing you updated with all kind stuff regarding that live changing adventure.

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