Next to all the equipement you need the long and heavy tracks obviously require technical skills for the machine. I am glad having the best friend being mechanics . They taught me a lot about engines and technical knowledge the last years. Actually that was the foundation to realise a trip like this.
Before starting to Africa I had to upgrade my motorbike a bit. The engine itself is fortunately reliable. And in case of a breakdown the LC4 is a good repairable bike. So I only had to setup some things. For that I made a hugh inspection before and deconstructed the entire bike without detecting there any unexpected bad suprises. Furthermore I renewed filters, lines and stuff for the engine and other wear parts like a new chain kit. Additionally I needed a bigger tank. Now I have 20l instead of only 12l and a reach of up to 800km together with the jerry can on the back. I guess two pairs of new tires should last. And the new hand guards protect me from sharp tiger teeth. My customized engine guard plate protect the machine underneath from stones and other heavy obstacles. Two cases secure all my papers, documents and electronic devices from thieves and robbery. These massive boxes are made out of signs for hard conditions.

Moreover I need some crucial electronic devices such as camera, motobike charger, navigator, satellite phone, alarm, notebook, mobile phone. Then you need some outdoor equipement in the partly wide nowhere. You should not forget your tend, selleping bag, camping mat and a cooker that works with normal fuel.
When you start packing your luggage you will determine quite fast there is no more space left for the black dress or your high heels. One half case is filled with spare parts and the other half with all kind of tools I need for my LC4 including the special tools.

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