22.12.2015 - BARCELONA

After quite a long time of perperation I almost couldn't wait any longer to start in southern direction. But unfortunately I had to switch my first stage because of a broken start relais. And I can tell you it's not that easy finding a new one just before christmas when dealer are closed. But sometimes all you need is only good luck. So after changing the relais, removing, cleaning and refitting the starter the e-starter works as usual. I'm pretty sure that will save me in lots of situation when you can't kick your heavy bike on a slope. So nothing I want to miss. 
Because I wanted to visit an old friend in Barcelona before she left I was unstoppably running out of time. She was leaving on the 23rd of December at 3.15am. Now it was already the 22nd at 10pm and still not ready. The plan was driving at night. I quickly squeezed everthing in the cases and bags on its place and checked them on my list.
When starting the next problem popped up. The exhauster was scrubbing on the rear tire because of an old deformed rubber mount. There was no time left and I fixed it on a custom way.

But after all I became tired and went to bed for three hours before starting at 5.30am. I have to mention the way to Barcelona is about 1250km - in one stage. We'll see how many kilometers will be on the young speedo.

But I was pretty motivated and full of hope reaching Barcelona early enough. I had to submit something for her flight. So no more excuse - via express to Catalonia. I had a short stop over in Lyon looking for the right way and enjoing this beautyful city.

After arriving in Barcelona you don't need a navigator. You can just ask all the millions of taxi drivers for the right way. I was beyond blessed embracing Eva after years in front of the Columbus statue at midnight. First we had a pizza and later we took a refreshing bath in the sea. These few hours were definitely the first highlight and the 17 hours travel worth it.

Next day after all that kind of sightseeing I was looking for a suitable place for the night. I built up my tent on top of the hill closed to the 'Bunkers del Carmel' Eva recommented me. From here you have stunning 360 ° view over the entire city and the surounding hills.

After being woken up next morning on Christmas by some sniffing dogs next to my tent met Sussie from Sweden and Canas from the Pyrenes. While brushing my teeth they ask me having a christmas breakfast together. They lived in a quite cool shelter all made out of recycled stuff. But they were suprisingly not missing anything. You know there is always a way getting water, electricity and internet. In their garden they grow their own vegetable and 'more'. I could even enjoy a warm shower with a nice window view. Lovely people.

Later in the afternoon I left to Valencia.

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