08.01.2016 - NOUAKCHOTT

Next morning we left to Mauretania. We have already started in the early hours expecting long procedures at the border controls. Deregistering from the Morrocon books with one stamp here, another there, passport, driveing licence, bike documents,... without any logical structure. But there's somehow a way through it. 
There is a 4km broad strip between Morroco and Mauretania that doesn't belong to one of them. So it more or less a law free zone. Therefore it looks like a car cemetry and you almost need a gps to find your way through the mined frontier area. So better don't leave the track!

Eventually there were Mauretanian flags in view.

You won't discover there just desert animals but three great British guys as well. They are doing a trip to South Africa by bike - good choice. Dope boys!

Mauretania is a bit different from the Morrocon landscape. A way more soft, less rough edges and much less populated. But still not easy finding the right place for the night that you can reach by bike without stucking in the deep sand - we've already made experiences. There are no paths from the road into the bushes. 

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