09.01.2016 - ROSSO

Our second and at the same time last day in Mauretania was leading us through the capital Nouakchott. Mauretania is quite different to Morroco. Just behind the frontier lines their is a new climate recieving you. But when arriving in Nouakchott you won'tlater than now recognize wealthy is completely different. It's not an objective consideration but only my subjective perception of a poorer population. People are very interesting and pay lots of attention to the european bikers. Welcome on the edge of black Africa. I was not sure at all how to handle this new situation. Security and respect is why I didn't take there any pictures of town. While Jan was looking for an atm I guarded our stuff and was immediately surrounded by dozens of people. 

Scattered settlements are spread all along the road. uncountable police controls are on the agenda here as well. I don't know why you would need three stops within just 4km. But however you need lots of 'fis' as copies of your passport and visa. But nevertheless the guys are always very friendly and correct.

Before leaving Mauretania we had a one of these weird issues at a traffic controls. We accidentally took the wrong way and arrived at the frontier in Rosso. But we wanted to leave to Senegal somewhere else. Suddenly a couple of guys pushed us crossing immediately and contracting an insurrance. We quickly escaped followinh the navigation on the right track. Behind the next corner the same guys appeared coincidentally on the traffic control. The officer stopped us and tried to explain my insurrance was not valuable. And we were not allowed continuing on our track further. We were not really impressed and desperately tried to get rid of the annoying border folks. In the end we passed the control and found an appropriate place for the night. 

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