12.01.2016 - DAKAR

We chose for the nicer trail through the national park leading along the border in the early morning. Varying conditions on the track require concentration all the time. Otherwise you slide through unexpected sand holes. But it was fun though. And we met these two hitchhiking through the south of Mauretania together. 

About 70km took us about 2,5 hours to the frontier. Left side Mauretania, right side Senegal. Another few hours for an easy border cross. 

Senegal is more shaped by agriculture and more structure in less sandy landscape and use of it. That makes it easier to gain profit of it and increase population's 'wealthy'. And of course the old colony contributes its part to the difference compared to Mauretania.

Saint Louis was our first stop in the massive heat. You were forced to keep your bike running in the wind to survive under your bike wear. Beautyful spot but a mass of waste everywhere again. What a pity!

Finally we arrived in the hugh city Dakar. It's an impressive city even it is quite a high air polution because of the missing exhaust gas filters. Seems to be necessary engines need about 1l oil in 100km. Both street conditions and traffic chaos varyfy all the time. 
It was time for the first big inspection at the bike. According to Paris-Dakar I though it might be easier purchaising the correct oil here. But I was desperately looking for a shop selling my sort. But a beyond friendly and helpful man helped me. We walked across the entire 'motor district' for an eternity. When we gave up I found it in the very last shop. All the endurance was worth it. For all mechanics out there you have to visit this paradise. 
People in town are western orientated and really care for the style. Especially the modern ladies seem to need hours in the morning before leaving the house. Unfortunately there was waste half a day in the registration office. But we met lots of nice people helping us and saw many parts by passing them by food.

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  1. Hello Simon
    We remember so clear, when you leave Gaiberg on 22.12.15 in the early morningours at 5.15. Of course we parents were full of emotions in that moment. Such a long trip and passing not only save parts of the World...but you planed this tour very carefully and you are a young man in good condition (I - your dad know it very well, cause of our last bike trip crossing the Alps!!!).
    Now we think, that this adventure is in some kind "nessecary" and that's what your experiences tell us now.
    Ride save and have many good impessions. God may care about you
    You mum Birgit and dad Thomas