13.01.2016 - KIDIRA

Today was my last day in Senegal. Jan and me split up today after 10 days travelling together. It was a great time with lots of useful moments. If it was in the desert, at the border controls or in the big cities. Jan is going to Gambia now before he travels on to Mali in a few days. 

Our last stop was in Tambacounda where we had delicious lunch and good talks with the residents. Especially the youths stand out with their pimped scooters. It is appreciated styling chassis with bubble wrap as special as possible. They are very proud of their vehicles and it was a pretty hard duty making it possible to take a picture. And it always costs a bit of course. 

But on the other side these kids should better get the chance to go to school instead of hanging around on the streets. Even if there officially is a 'school attendance' I am wondering why all the young future of Africa have to beg in the morning when pupils in Europe complain about early lessons. Particularly people from the little villages far away from big cities tell me all they can do is just to have a little shop. There is no industry or any economics out here. 

If I ever came back to Senegal for racing i know where to get the professional support you need! 

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  1. My dear Simon.
    Thank's for your pictures, the impressions an especially for your thaughts about "the young africanvfutu" (that means: the african Youth).
    I'm proud to have a son like you and that you realyse your dream. Have a save trip furtheron an god bless you and the people you meat.
    Your H.v.V.