14.01.2016 - BAFOULABE

After a few days in Senegal I was heading to Mali. Registering took me only about half an hour and a little break afterwards under the old tree. The trunk even broader than my bike. The nature's wonders suprise me always again. This tree has already borne hundreds of droughts in his live. It makes a human's life both sensitive and inconsiderable. 

First part of the route to Bamako was just easy riding on a road. but it suddenly ended in a river. I was unsuccessfully looking for a ferry. But there were only some little fisher boats. I couldn't imagine it would carry my bike safely. I tried to explain them I invested everthing in this trip. So don't fail! In the end they convinced me and we put the bike in together. Arriving on the other side it costs 'dis-mille' instead of 'deux-mille'. Ohh what an accidentally misunderstanding.

I was not sure this plate is still up-to-date but it probablely is safer not going there offroad. Even if some shepereds let their cows and goats graze here in between the bushes.

First great impression of Mali. Mainroads are even better than in Senegal. You will discover the country only offroad.

Crashed wrecks are all along the road. You can imagine what happend to the drivers. You have to care for all the animals crossing the streets. A taxi driver in front of me cut a donkey in half. Only the front part was left. Both were out of order.

I got this delicious cookie in a backery in Kayes. The owner introduced me his little company and shew me the backstage area. The handmade paper packing is lovely.

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