20.01.2016 - FASANE

Fabrice has already spent two months in Burkina and gave me some advices for what to see there. Common images again in Burkina as well. Long heavy loaded trucks without any kind of tie-down. Samewise crashed cars beside the road that noone cares about. 

On the way to my approximated destiantion Fasane I visited Kuomi. It's a village build up of mud houses. Each row takes about one week to dry before the next is being put on top. The entire construction works without any casing. The surface becomes more and more rough because of the erosion of rain. Eight thousand residents live here seperated in four different groups like artist, craftsmen and two others. Two chieves reign the village. it was a hard challange for me making it all in french.  

Later I continued to Fasane on an offroad track. As you see on the picture I fixed my spare tubes with tape unter the front fender. Not the best idea. One got lost and stuck in my front brake. My bike crashed on the right side. The case pressed my knee inside out and fell on my ankle. All I heard were two clickings before I tried pulling out my leg under the bike. My first thought was it was the end. But fortunately I could stand up and walk. Time to open the first aid package. The ankle felt quite ok just a little pain. But the there was no more stability in my knee. Some creme with a tight bandage  and a pain killer should make it for the night. 

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