21.01.2016 - BOROMO

You see there lots of cotton fields in Burkina and these cotton heaps all along the roads. They are being loaded on huge trucks and carried through the whole country. These young kids work for our brand blue jeans. 

In Tcheriba I got a little fuel filled in bottles. Indeed the crowed was fascinated. 

In Koudougou there is a cultural centre located. It's called  'Cite des Arts' and provides work spaces for several kinds of artist. There are musicans, painter, sculptors and more included. I got an insight in this interesting handcraft. The colorful cloths are painted with wax in a complex procedure. 

Yeah first predator beside all the dangerous camels and donkeys. he was not really impressed and just chilling in the sun. I actually didn't dare coming closer because of my injured leg. Some kids told me this was just a small one with about 2m length.

I found a beautyful spot right next to Mamadouh's banana plantage. We spend the night for dinner together at a small campfire. I had spaghetti and some delicious fresh bananas afterwards. Mamadouh is running a big business by selling his products in all Africa.

My morning view from the tent to the lake through the grass. A big heap of straw made the night more comfortable.

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  1. Crocodiles are able to pic there "meal" out of a tent?!?
    Are'nt they... I hope they prefere fish an not german meat...