22.01.2016 - BOBO-DIOULASSO

One of the sights in Bobo is the mosque from the year 1845. It's almost all original beside the fan and some features. The sticks are for maintaining the building like painting. I got nice impressions and insights when visiting a mosque the first time. The imam introduced me everthing. Now I understand the pray times when he calls the people with the microphone.

Julien was a local I met last night in town. He shew me all the interesting stuff backstage like these little galleries. They sell their art just on the local way. They were also brewing their own drink for three days. 

This man recycled broken engine blocks to real art. He heats the steal and hammers it afterwards to tiny figures. I was really impressed by the detailed work. 

Children are always up for a taking a picture with them. You meet there lots of little princesses. 

Residents meet here in the assembly hall for clearifying general affairs. They gather all around the chief. For issues regarding men they traditionally sacrifize a cock on the left peak. Samewise for women on the right and children in the middle. 

Julien picked me up after lunch again introducing me his district and hugh family. Later we went to one of his female family members for watching my injured food. She prepared some african medicine for me. She rubbed and massaged my food increadible hard with that oily unknown creme. I couldn't stand that pain. julien fixed my leg by pushing his entire weight on it. I was crying like hell in the whole district. But the swallow became less afterwards and recovery was supposed on the real african way. 

Chain maintanance before leaving Bobo. Arnaud and Guy gave me a hand lifting the rear wheel.

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