23.01.2016 - TANGERELLA

Last night I slept next to the hippo lake in Tangerella. We went watching the hippos at about 7am. Unfortunalty they were not up for a meeting. Just two appeared sometimes in the distance.And one was only poking out his nose for breathing.

Next stop for a little wash were the waterfalls in the neighbourhood. Ceydou was a nice guy showing me the best spots. It was lots of fun!

Black and white!

We had some chickens for lunch with his family in the shadow. After displuming the birds they first burn it in the campfire. Later they are being divided up and cooked in big pots. They eat the entire animal and don't waste anything. 

It was about a 3km march from here to the 'Peak des Fabedougou'. Best recovery walking there just with slippers through the Burkina wilderness. 

When returned in the campsite I got a second african therapy for my hurting food. Ceydou took some bark from a tree and cooked it for a while before washing and treating. Even if he made it the softer way it was still pain enough.

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