10.02.2016 - ACCRA

Bikewash before checking in Big Milly's campsite and start working on the bike. Second oil change after 11.000km and regular chain maintenance. I was not expecting all the work for the next couple of days yet. My worst nightmare became true. I broke the oil bolt on the oil filter cap by tighten it to much. This was for a moment the mentally deepest point so far. But Bert motivated me and I had good luck again. The owner of the campsite is riding a KTM as well. Sato called his dealer and we went to his shop on Saturday. On that way I got an insight in the Ghanaian power bike scene. The African way of getting spareparts for these bikes is only possible by having connection.

Spareparts arrived on Monday: bolt with sealing rings and sealing for my leaking fuel tab. But the bolt was in a horrible condition. No clue what they've done to it getting it out from another bike. The screw head looked raped and I had to file it thoroughly. It upsettingly leaked a lot even with several rings. After quite a long I could somehow make it more or less. 

Fortunately I was not the only one screwing on the motorbike again.  

One of the spots on the streets where we had our meals. The perfect way diving into the culture and meet people. We ordered the biggest pot for all of us and enjoyed our dinner with many kids. The food was already gone within two minutes. The predator feeding was lots of fun. 

Delicious sugarbread with fried eggs in Accra again made by this mama.  

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