05.02.2016 - MENKOADZE

I left Gold Coast a bit to late to reach Accra at night. So the goal for the night was finding a nice spot somewhere closed to the the beachside - before night. It is obviously to dangerous especially by bike.

I was just following my gps not expecting a beautyful spot like this. Menkoadze is a little village at the beach about 40 km before Accra. I put my tent between the fisher boats under the big palm trees. It were only about 50m to the sea next morning in the sunrise. This was really a paradisy place with very hospitable people welcoming you at night as a friend.

If you think you are the first at 5.30am in the water you are totally wrong. The fishermen have already been out at 3am. 

I met Kwame the night before and we met for breakfast in the early morning with all the kids going to school. And all the folks came from surrounding villages. They are jogging to Mankoadze and start drumming, singing and dancing when entering the village. And the young ladies love taking pictures as much as children. A coconut in between as a nice refreshment. 

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