04.02.2016 - GOLD COAST (CAPE COAST)

Life is hard! We have a little rest and lunch after arriving in Elmina. 

Bert and Martin left to Accra organizing their Visa. I spent one more day here and visited the oldest and famous slavery castle. Slaves were arrested and deported from here to all over the world.

In front of the castle local boys played soccer. These young athleteslove posing for the camera preseting their well trained bodies. 

A travellers bedroom: Sleeping bag, matress of overlaying cloths and your bag filled with air as a pillow. The next morning you sometimes abuse your cooker as a tent dryer.  

I put my tent here under palms about 30m from the water. The police visited me last night and asked me to cover the case. The former traffics sign reflected the cars lights like eye-catchers. These friendly officers gave me a hand and wished a good night. The locals visited me next morning and were up for a picture as everytime. 

This 12m boat is one of many being scooped out of an entire trunk. This is the base for 25 years long lasting fisher boats. It is still to sell for 5000€ if you are interested. 

I planned having breakfast in Cape Coast, a little sight seeing and leaving to Accra then. But then I met Jahi and I spent the entire day in his vegan restaurant. It was a fantastic day with many rastafaris and cool driving in Jahi's jungle truck trough the city. Regarding to the history locals call it Gold Coast instead of Cape Coast they told me. Jahi cooked a delicious vegan lunch when we were listening to true Ghanaian reggae music. Check their skills.
By the way I got my own individual 'onewaytoafrica'-bracelet in Ghanaian design and music enough for all of my way to Southafrica.

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