24.03.2016 - LUSAKA

Heading to Lusaka this morning with best weather conditions. It's not as hot and humid as the Congo anymore. You are able to eat and sleep without sweating like a pic. 

Zambia is a fairly developed country compared to many other African ones. Agriculture is playing a big role here for the economy. You see many maize fields along the mostly perfect roads. They seem to grow different typs which are indicated by several signs. And you see the differecnes in their typologies as well. 

When arriving in the capital you pass the 'National Hero Stadion'. It's a very nice architecture and in quite good conditions. Lusaka itself is a very modern city providing all proper infrastructure. Shops, public services and skilled machanics are available. Zambia is not really cheap but you save a lot of money compared to Congo.

Gaeton has already informed his friends in Lusaka. Julie and Ray are the owner of a KTM dealer shop. There was nothing more to repair at the bike. But I wanted to pass by and ask Ray for having a quick look at the bike. Ray shocked me for a moment. There must be something completely wrong with this bike he said. The engine was running way to sweet. Actually I got a compliment for the condition of my baby. That ensures me and gives a good feeling for the last part. 

I was just on the way to a campsite around when a saw this. I suddelnly saw a 'BMW looking like bike' with Zebra pattern. Mel is on the way to South Africa as well. She is being acompanied by her ten year old daugther. They are riding a copy of the German brand. It's an Ural with technique from round about 1930 but was build in 2003. They are doing the trip ' With Autism To Africa'. Sofia is an autistic child loving riding in the sidecar. 
They stayed at Ginty's. He's a very polite white African inviting me to stay at his property. We had some interesting and comfortable days here. In only a couple of days I met so many people again. We discussed the life of white Africans compared to blacks. The differences and commonalities were clearified in long talk at night with a drink.

Mel had some electronical issus with her bike. And I met the german mechanic Carsten the day before at Ray's. He offered me coming to his workshop and fixing the leaking tank. We took our chances joining him and fixed our problems. By the way this sidecar is amazingly comfortable. 

Carsten is also a biker and quad racer. He has the answer of the question "why?" on his rear lid.

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