25.03.2016 - KARIBA

Mel and me fixed our bikes in the morning at Carsten's workshop. Of course it took longer then expected again. We had the same destination today and joined each other for a nice ride. A little electricity issue effected a short break in between. But Mel is a well skilled knowing what to do at her bike. What a nice image seeing a woman working on that nice vehicule. It was an honor for me acompanying this strong team. Ginty has already arranged an accomodation for Mel and Sofia at a friend's house in Kariba. Luckily I was kindly welcomed as well. 

I stayed at the Pieterse's house. Raynard and Lucy have been living in the UK for a while. But there is no reason to leave their beautyful property at the Kariba Lake. We enjoyed the night on the terrace. Topics were for instand Reynard's scary escaping stories from two lions in his lifetime. The lake creates a natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It's a lovely spot where many people came for the easter weekend. Most of them have a holiday house at the lakeside and a boat for cruising.

Many people here love enduros or quad as the Pieterses. Their smallest tried my boots in the morning. By the time he will probabely grow in but they were a bit to heavy for now. The belly was overfilled after an amazing breakfast with baken, eggs, toast, juice and you need. 

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