26.03.2016 - CHOMA

I left this morning going to Livingstone. Martin and me had an appointment for tomorrow. And I chose for going offroad to Livingstone. I was not used to that much tarred road anymore. My bum needed more bumpy tracks. According to Reynard it was supposed to be a tough but nice track. I wanted to see more than only boring road. Locals sell self made nature products on the main road to Kariba. The pretty presentation was worth a u-turn and taking a picture.

When leaving the main road I used the new tard road for the first 115k. It was recently built by a Chinese companies. As a profressional you can see already see weak points in constructions from the beginning. I'm honestly not wondering about the short lasting asphalt covers. But the gravel layer was fun for riding. You can keep you asphalt speed and enjoy slightly driving.

Reynard told me in advance there might possibly not all bridges are entirely build right now. But for these ones they created deviations for river crossings. They had the annual average rainfall in the last two days here. So the track was not in best conditions. Fortunately I asked people at the next junction if it the rivers were crossable. But one bridge was washed away and there was no way making it with the bike. So I turned right back to the main road. Anyway I made at least two hours offroad. 

There was a German butcher next to Carsten's workshop in Lusaka. Of course I got some specialties. For dinner I still had liver course saussage left and a bit home felling in the bush. 

I spent the night in a little housing not far from the road. I was wondering about something moving around the tent. It didn't react to clapping the hands and I was too tired checking it. I felt asleep again and woke up in one piece next morning.

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