27.03.2016 - LIVINGSTONE

During the morning ride I met Gurkan 20k before Livingstone. He was on his way to the Victoria Falls as well. Gürkan is doing a world tour by bicycle. This turkish guy started from home to Asia, up to Russia, next Skandinavia and through Europe to Africa. After six years on the bike now he is heading to Capetown. Next destinations are South America, USA, Canada and the Antarktis. After my day at the falls me met in the campsite at night again. I got so many advices for my hopefully next long trip on my bicycle.

So I arrived in Livingstone in the morning hours. There was enough time for little shopping in town. This place is far away from that Africa I got to know in the western parts before. Actually it was too much Europe and tourists for me. But for sure the falls are a place to go when you pass Zambia. So I payed the entrance fees of twenty bucks and parked my bike. I wanted to eat something before and took my lunch out of the case. While turning to the left a pavian stole the lunch paket. So I bought new buns. It was probabely not my day. One of these bloody monkeys took the next. 

Slightly pissed and still hungry I entered the scenery. Water everywhere. From the top, from upside down, from the right and the left. Because of the end of rain season there is enormously lots of water. Within a few minutes you are completely wet. But there refreshment was welcomed and a shower honestly useful. 

I took a shower on Easter Sunday. It's well advised covering all electrical devices with a plastic bag.

To take a nice shot from the top I rapidly jumped over the half broken barrier before the security could react. The clearly promped me coming back and leaving the park. According to the signs it was merely “strictly prohibited” swimming and fishing. So that was quite a smart excuse. Anyway you can't follow and respect all rules if you live your dream. 

I wanted to meet Martin in Livingstone today. But we didn't have an appointment at all. So I was even more surprised meeting him on my little run up the stairs from the bottom part of the river. What a nice interruption of that workout. Martin and Anna were just coming to the falls and saw my bike in front. 

We celebrated our 3rd reunion in a natural pool in front of the bridge connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe. And we got a romantic sunset for our first night. 

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