29.03.2016 - KATIMA

Next day Martin and me drove to Katima in Namibia. He by car and me by bike. He hired a car there for his trip with Anna. I choose the upper road with many pot wholes but therefore less traffic. Martin took the good road and crossed Botsuana. At a short break a butterfly joined me in the shadow. 

The Zambezi River is the natural border to Namibia. In Africa you can just stop on the main road and take a picture. 

Martin was already waiting for me at the border. What a nice pick up. At the same time there were some other folks I've already seen in the campsite. There was no bus going. So Martin squeezed all of them in the small Polo and I made the lift boy carrying one big back pack. 

Anna brought my spareparts to Livingstone. Martin stored them at Jörg's. He has a beautyful property at the Zambezi River. Jörg is a German travel guide in Namibia and has been living here for about 35 years. Suprisingly he had a fantastic spaghetti bolognese today. You take what you get. And you sometimes get what you deserve. 
Unfortunately I have to add a very unlovely story. Martin "lost" his tracking devices somewhere here. Coincidentally Jörg found the device a daz later and took it on his waz to Windhoek. Martin recieve this positive message and wanted to pick it there up. But Jörg told the owner of the bar not handing it out without pazing 100€. We've never met such a bastard in all the West African countries. 

So next day Martin and me worked at the bikes. New clutch pads and a cable for my baby. Further a new speedo cable as well. Martin checked his new fork springs and some other parts. We had the perfect opportunity working in Eddie's workshop. Perfect feeling s with a new clutch were destroyed by my pure stupidity. I forgot again closing my cases properly. I lost one lit when accelerating on the road. I knew where and turned back. But it was already gone. I asked everybody around. There were some guys taking it and disappearing in a small path. I follwed the path but without success. In my desperation I took my last chance. I tried to trust a police on the black continent. And I was surprised again. Seems like i've left real Africa by passing the border to Zambia. It's not just the well constructed buildings that even have colour on the walls. But also the police tried seriously helping me. Unfortunately it was gone.

Next morning I went to some locals recommanded by Eddie. After two hours I knew why. I've never seen a more professional work than this. Indeed these guys make gold out of shit. Their tools are a hammer, punsher and a trunk. And they create water proof buckets fro instance. I took the roling of my new lit and finished it at Eddie's. At the end I was very happy making this experience and have a great souvenir from Namibia. And of course it's water proof. 

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