27.02.2016 - KOULAMOUTOU

After a couple of days resting man and machine on perfect roads it was time for advanture again. The track from Mouila to Koulamoutou is guiding through the mountains. You are passing stunning landscapes and cross many rivers. Don't hesitate or struggle there and trust in your riding skills. Dropping your bike would possibly effect the end. 

Lunchtime in Mimongo in a nice little restaurant next to the mainroad between Franceville and Libreville. And I took my chance charge my devices.

At midday the locals didn't forecast there any rain for today. But of course you never know it in the jungle. Deep lines filled with water in the soft soil are usually fun. But sometimes you should first walk on food and check the depth for the right line not to stuck on the half way. 

After 250km through a big boys playground I finally hit the asphalt again. According to the restaurant's owner it should have taken 2,5h. I don't know if that should be by nike or plane. But I spent there actually 5h on the track.

About 20min riding out of Koulamoutou heading to Lastourville I found this lonely Shed next to the road. To be safe from any rain I put my tent inside and had some easy couscous with beans for dinner. At night I woke up by a strong fuel smell. The soil give in ti the weight of the bike. I closed the fuel tap and had a little workout next morning lifting it. This was the beginning of a couple of bad luck days in the jungle.

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