28.02.2016 - MBINDA

At first the roads were very nice and you could enjoy the verying views and prospectives. But about 50km before the border conditions changed. But luckyly it was not raining right now cause it was already slippery enough but still funny. 

I was a bit suprised when arriving at the Gabonese border. There were none of the posts set neither customers nor police. So started searching somebody in the spread housings. Fortunately I found an officer after a while. I probabely woke him up by knocking his door. But he was nice and called his authorized chief. So without making a big deal of it I got my stamp for the Visa. But to stamp my Carnet I was suposed to go 7km ahead to the customers' service. They were not expecting there anybody today. Therefore the gate was locked and they didn't have a key. So I took the pedestrian path on the backside. 
Just 100m after crossing the border to Congo I had a flat tire. I tried to fix it quickly with the police officers because I was quite in a hurry. I wanted to meet Martin this night. But it took longer and the heavy rain started. By removing the rear tire I changed it with the spare one. So at least something  positive loosing a little weight in the back. 

So I couldn't make it to Martin today and slept this night in the police post. Spending a night in the police station could honestly be worse. I wanted to leave early next morning and asked for the stamps. But they were still at home and we first had to wake them up. After 2 hours waiting I took my documents back and just left without any stamp. I intended getting them in the next town. By the way I didn't find the Gabonese customs. 

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