29.02.2016 - MAKABANA

The Republic of Congo recieve me on its nicest way. Of course rain the next morning on partially something like 'not really existing road'. But after 2 hours the underground became more solid. On broad gravel roads you can push your bike fast. 

By increasing temperature in the tire caused by the higher speed now the patches peeled away from the tube. So flat tire again. But you will never stay alone on the road. People always stop and offer their help. Anyway I prefer different ways meeting locals than breakdowns. 

From here on the disaster took its run for the next days. I invited the guys from last night because of the help with the flat tire for dinner. The restaurant was closed ans we went to the shop beside. I asked them to take what they want to eat without expecting these high prices. I spent too much and was running out of money. 
No money means no fuel, no food, no water. The next bank was about 100k away and my fuel couldn't last until there. 100m before the next petrol station the tank was empty. I waited an hour before they opened again. I invested all my remaining money in fuel for about 150k. 
Next throwback was a river crossing 20k behind Mossendjo. The guys wanted to charge me a lot of money. In my fluent french a explained them my situation. After a while I convinced them and moved the bike on the manual ferry. Reaching the top I noticed it's the wrong way. I pushed the bike back again and wanted to leave. But one guy was blocking my clutch lever by hand. Actually the first and single moment so far I felt a bit in danger. The way back meant almost 50k detour. 
Horrible track now for the next 100k even if you can't see it on a picture. Riding in the sunset was a least a little pleasure. I've already skipped the plan meeting Martin in Brazzaville. However I couldn't leave him a message. 

Next day not making to goal. I was looking for a rain protected spot for the night. Under this bridge I also had enough water for cooking the very last portion of coucous, for drinking and washing. My tent was placed next to a crashed car landing in the creek. I parked the bike at the side in good hope of nothing will happen.

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  1. Lieber Simon,
    Dann kann es hoffentlich nur noch besser werden.
    Gute Nacht.