01.03.2016 - MADINGOU

After the last 90k on a bad gravel road I was lucky hitting black top at Dolisie again. The road between Brazzaville and Ponte-Noire was just newly build. But this was at the same time bad luck again because it was exactly being opened up today by the president. For this reason the road was closed and had to wait in Madingou only 40k before my exit in Loutete. Some soldiers tried to stop me at the next to last round about before Madingou. At the next one there was unfortunately no more escape. I had to wait and spent the night in the village. If you would always stop when they try to stop you have had never reached your destination and became a poor man. So slow down, understand their hand shaking as a hello and accellerate before they catch you. 

They first told me I could probabely continue in about 1 hour. But it became later and later. At 7pm the presidant passed and they played a big show for him. It was already to late for leaving. So I decided setting my tent in this half constructed house and left at 6am next morning. But anyway I considered it as nice stop over meeting people and dive in Congolese political entertainment. 

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