06.04.2016 – TSODILO HILLS

Martin and me split spontaneously today for a couple of days again. I really want to see more of Namibia and go to the North now. I've already had this plan in my mind for a while. It was ok was both of us. This time we will definitively meet in six days again. I went to the Rock Paintings of Tsodilo Hills. As I already mentioned Botswana is not anymore the deep black Africa as I was used to in the other West African countries. New suprise today. I was detected in a speed control. Indeed I know I was to fast for the 60k sign. But it's quite handy relying on the African technic. Unfortunately the device didn't record. I was just laughing about my good luck again. The officer wasn't as amused as me. In case of overspeeding they charge you 10$ per k. 

When arriving there was nobody at the gate. I just opened and entered the park. But even in the campsite there was nobody. I checked all housings. Nobody was around and I set up my tent in the museum. I was not sure which animals are around. This seemed to be the safest spot. I took a shower and prepared dinner when the maintainer arrived at night. He had a flat tire and was carried by a friend. I explained him my situation and got the permission to stay for the night. Indeed held told me being aware of leopards around. And I saw some eyes shining out of the bush during cooking dinner. 

But they wanted to charge me the entrance and camping fees. I didn't want to and left early in the morning at 6ish. 

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