07.04.2016 - RUNDU

My check out this morning from the Tsolido campsite was a bit particular again this morning. I tried to avoid the control at the gate I used yesterday. But the other one was locked. So all the way back to the first one. A lady open the gate expecting I will stop and pay “for visiting the world heritage of Tsodilo Hills. But there is still too much Congo style in my blood. Of course I speeded up and left. I hit the main road after 30min again and headed to the border in 15 kilometers. I've no idea why I had to pay for road permission of the bike at this border. I didn't have to two weeks before in Katima. So I started playing the game again and left without paying. Actually I wanted to know how they will react. After 10k through the National Park I had to pass the park gate. I honestly was surprised they were using the modern communication media properly. The lady was already informed and stopped me at the closed barrier. But she had to open for a truck and I took a small gap to escape. I was stopped few minutes later by an overtaking police car. I changed money and payed my fees. The small detour was worth all the action being accompanied by the police. And I saw many animals on this way as well. 

From here on it was a perfect road and weather conditions. But only straight. And what do you do when you get bored? Of course overtaking trucks and filming the drivers cabine through the window. Or playing with the camera and trying new perspectives. 

I was running out of full on the last kilometers before Rundu. I took an exit to the riverside and put the tent next to the Okavango River. The river separates Namibia and Angola here. The locals promised me there were no crocos around – let's see. I possibly could have made it to the next petrol station. But anyway it was only half an hour left to sunset. Now I could simply fill in the jerry can and enjoy my spartanic dinner in the sunset. My lighter was flat and no warm kitchen tonight. There were many kids and teenagers around. They took a bath in the river and playing the typical boys and girls stories. So whereever you go the interest in the other sex seems always to be quite high. But they are dealing much more liberal with it. It was interesting and funny watching them. 

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