08.04.2016 - EENHANA

This morning I had to arrange some random stuff like supermarket, withdrawl, petrol, sim card. And charging the phone. But unfortunately my charger at the bike broke and I didn't fix it yet. So I was just asking at the Eurocar rental if I could quickly charge my device. Actually it became a long talk with the manager Ralton. Whenever you need a car in Rundu pass by here. Such a nice and open guy I've not met for a long time in Africa. 

Namibia has more than only boring wild life. In some areas you even need to beware of wild tractors. But this was already all exciting to tell about the long way along the Angolan border. 

Finally I found at least quite a nice spot for pitching up the tent for the night. To pretend upcoming questions: no I didn't have a bath here. The rule is still avoiding still waters. Even in Namibia you're not entirely safe of Bilharziose. 

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