09.04.2016 - KUNENE RIVER

After starting early this morning heading to Oshakati I head a little rest at a car wash. Not for washing the bike but more to charge my devices and read the newspapers. 

From here on I followed the long and straight road to Ruacana. You should really plan your trip from here on by the petrol station and not where you want to go. So tank and jerry can topped up again. Closed to the village in about 17k you find the Ruacana Falls. They liturally fall from Angola into Namibia. A nice spot having lunch and enjoying rough nature. 

Just behind the falls the really exciting landscape began. Only gravel road from here on for the next 1500k. But it seems to be if there is a God he definitively created these roads for us. Actually the beginning was quite rough. Their were some adventures deviations through rocky sections passing washed river beds.

Not all rivers were dry and able to deviate. But water hasn't ever been a problem before. This time the bike stucked and stopped. I first thought it was water in the carborator. But after drain it there was no progress. Suddenly I noticed the rubber connectin piece was broken. So no Epupa Falls anymore today. But therefore workshop on the track again acompanied by locals. Anyway a nice experience in the end again. 

I went to the campsite Kunene River Lodge. I heard you get a spot for free with a foreign number plate. But unfortunately I had a wrong information in my mind. So I went 500m back an pitched up my tent in the gras. There even was wood for a bonfire scaring off random animals around. By increasing the fire the rattlesnake in between the wood disapeared. 

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