10.04.2016 - SESFONTEIN

A very early wake up in the morning deserved me a great rid ein the sunrise. I was heading to Opuwo. It's well known for the very traditional Himba tribe in this area. I saw my first Himba people on my way in the early hours. 

Arrived in Opuwo I had to arrange some things such as replacing a broken bolt from the case carrier and buying water for the heat. 

Unbelievably wide views along the perfect gravel. And you see many animals by paying attention to the bushsides. 

I saw there were some waterfalls around on my gps device. So I was looking for the refrshing bath beside the nice offroad track. in this region it's a massive dry heat. 

It took me a few minutes convincing the girl letting me have a bath. But she obviously couldn't stand my smell. I suggested joining me instead of paying entrance fee. But I was vainly waiting for her in the natural pool. 

I actually planed sleeping next to an elephant's waterhole tonight. But I saw a dutch couple struggling on the road with a flat tire. Huib and Irene are doing a two months with their own car parked in South Africa. What a nice couple taking their chance for an adventures retirement. 

So I probabely couldn't make it to the waterhole. But found an even nicer spot on top of a peak in the middle of nowhere land. I actually was inspired staying here around by the zebras crossing the road just in front of me. My thought was there must be animals around for a nice morning view. And you are usually safe of lions and leopards on a hill. It was just a little windy after pitching my tent and having dinner on the foot of this little hill. When I came back in the dark my tent was blown away. I didn't fix it with nails in the rocky ground. But it was hold by a bush a few meters away. My zipper of the tent broke the night before. So from now on I'm just hoping not waking up next to a scorpion or a snake. 

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