11.04.2016 - TWYFELFONTEIN

I enjoyed the sunrise on the top this morning by watching wild life on the bottom layer. You can go to every nationalpark but wont have this amazing feeling and ecperience. You can't pay for that being in the middle of pure life. Afterwards I took an exit to reaching recommanded view points. Very nice riding and actually my most loved conditions. And animals around. Just a bit before Palmwag I met a group of staff from the nearby safari lodge. They were maintaining the track and advised me please not to go faster than 30k an hour. You loose the feeling for the speed by cruising in this stunning landscape and being deeply impressed. But I didn't know this before. And when I left the track again there was a sign for that on this side. 

Shadow is quite rare here and the sun is inexorably burning on you. 

I asked for water in the next village. They always have tap water from the fontains. There are no supermarkets around the next 100k. But you do not necessaryly need to pay for water when you can get it for free. And it is good. 

From here on I was continuing my way to Twyfelfontein. I was meeting Martin here again. There is always time climbing up a peak for taking a nice shot of this amazing view. 

Twyfelfontein is less a settlement than a cultural area. They have many traditional attractions here like tribe lifes or the Rock Drawings as a World Heritage. 

You have a increadibly clear for to the sky. Lean back in the warmth and chill by enjoying your temporay life style. 

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