12.04.2016 - CAPE CROSS

We had an uncommon breakfast on top of this peak next morning. A few minutes and small climbing skills were required. Your effort was rewarded by a stunning breakfast in the sunrise on top. Unforgetable views and memories.

We entered the Skeleton Coast Park to ride towards the coast alined by many shipwrecks. 

We left the permission required track and hit the perfect salt roads on our way to Cape Cross. 

Finally arrived at the ocean after many weeks without salt water. We hoped finding the petrol station marked in my gps here. But because of the off season there was no petrol available for us. So we kept on riding along the coast in the desert. It was so hot around Torra Bay you had to close your viser. But after a few kilometers riding south it became too cold. We were almost freezing in the strong wind. So quite rough conditions caused by the weather change here. And I've never seen such a spray beyond the ocean. The wind blows clouds of sea water in the air. It's a breathtaking search of wracks on the beach. 

After a while it happend what I suspected. I gave Martin my jerry can before he stucked of no fuel. I calculated I could make it to the next petrol station. But without the wind. So MArtin made my pick up and pulled me to the next gate. Two beyond friendly park maintainers spent us enough fuel reaching the next station. 

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