14.04.2016 - SOLITAIRE

On the road from Swakopmund to Walvisbay you pass a long chain of high sand dunes. It's a bit a pitty that offroad driving is strictly prohibited without guide and permission. But occasionally you have to break some laws for a nice picture. 

Walvisbay itself is a very economical town with many fishing industries. Actually I've seen the first industrial district here for months. The city is not that interesting or pretty. But there are colonies of thoudands of pelicans in the lagoon. Next check on the animal list. 

Meanwhile it was late afternoon and I was much too late. Martin has already left in the morning to Solitaire. I followed him in delay. So I still had to go for round about 100k after a beautiful sunset. The road was not the best. The only thing that secures you on such a loose surface is speed. Unfortunately I couldn't see there anything of the landscape then. But Martin has already taken some nice shots in the afternoon. 

Solitaire is quite famous for installing a show of vehicle wrecks. I wanted to go for a test ride with that chopper. But the battery was flat. What a pitty!

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