16.04.2016 - SOSSUSVLEI

On our way to Sossusvlei we stopped in the Naukluft National Park for half a day hiking in the mountains. These mountains are well known for caves and natural source pools. But you find here animals as well. Martin stuck for a second when crossing one of the creeks. A big snake was wiggling in the bush. It was apparently a nig puff adder. In the midday heat we took a refreshing bath in one of these beautiful natural sources. 

In the late afternoon we arrived at the entrance gate of the Sossusvlei National Park. Unfortunately you are not allowed entering the park by bike. So we had to stay in the campsite and looked for somebody giving us a lift in the early morning. But inconciously we met Anne, Asahi and Juan from Swakopmund here again. They were with a car and had still two seats left for us. 
We left before sunrise next morning to walk up the dunes. We made a little challenge out of it by running up the deep sand. I haven't been suffering like this for a long while. It's time for intense training at home again. But at least I tasted blood. That's a sign for giving all. On top we enjoyed the view while having breakfast. 

We spend the entire morning in the park with stunning landscape and breathtaking prospectives. And lots of fun by running, swimming or surfing down towards Deadvlei from the Big Daddy Dune. 

Juan didn't want to join us walking the dunes. He meant being sick and wanted to wait. But when we came back to the departure point he was gone. Well we thought he has gone back to the camp. It was probably to hot here in the sun. We hitchhiked and other visitors gave us a lift back. But Juan was gone. With Asahi's Ipad, GoPro and Anne's passport. The police is looking for him now. Hopefully they can catch him latest when leaving the country. This was a wake up call for us again. We are still not at our final destination. I don't trust anybody in Africa except Martin and Gaeton. 

Next morning before heading to the South I checked the bike. The airfilter needed to be cleaned and I changed the oil as well. Martin and me splitt here again for a couple of days. I wanted to see Luederitz. But his bike needs to go to Cape Town now before falling apart. 

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