17.04.2016 – AUS

It was meant to become a long day today. But many animals along the track made it easy riding. Even if the road condition partially weren't that easy. It's nice that they have for almost every animal its own unique sign. For zebras, elephants, giraffs, wild horses, brown hyenas, black jackal, impalas and more. And in fact you see them all. So it's not necessary paying for game drive. 

You can enjoy the beauty of nature here right on the road. Nobody disturbs you here. Namibia is for me the country with the widest variety of landscape. But it's not real black Africa anymore. It feels more like Africa for beginners. But it possibly is a good way climatise and adpting back to European attitudes and behaviours. 

After 1600k of gravel I hit the asphalt again closed to Aus. I filled up my petrol here before leaving to the desert. I found a nice spot behind the railway spending the night.

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