19.04.2016 – AI AIS

I skipped my plans going thru Richtersveld when coming from Namibia to South Africa. But anyway it is about 280k tarred road coming from Luederitz to the border. Instead of crossing the border here I chose the track along the Orange River seperating these two countires. I intended meeting Martin still on the Namibian side.
I was expecting deep gravel and sand. For that reason I calculated double the time I actually needed. That beautyful track was supposed to be my last gravel section for this trip. So I enjoyed every corner drifting around in that calm region. Fortunately it was not as hot as the last days here in this valley. And all riverbeds were easily crossable. Leaving the riverside north again the track brings you to the Fish River Canyon. Martin was waiting here in a campsite. A cosy place providing a hot spring at your body temperature. We relaxed here for a while before the participants of a local mountainbike challenge crossed the finisher line in the camp. 

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