20.04.2016 - SPRINGBOK

I left Namibia today after two amazing weeks. I will keep all these unbelievable and unforgetable moments in my memories forever. Awesome riding in the desert, rocky mountains, on the beach and above all thousands of kilometers gravel. Sometimes better sometimes worse but always fun. Namibia is definitively a country going there necessarily by your own vehile. Pitch up your tent in all these remote spots where wildlife takes part. 
We crossed our last border in Vioolsdrift. Just before the border we met Keith again while having a little rest beside the road. He's a South African guy going on vacation to Namibia with his 4wd truck. He was first at the gate and instructed the border offical telling us there're no bikes allowed on this road. He was more confused than us telling we'll turn back to Europe for that reason. 
Right after the border our final destination was indicated on the traffic sign for the first time. Such a good feeling and a reason to scream for sure. 

It was so nice in the beginning riding through that beautyful landscape in the sun. 

But after half an hour the weathter swapped from hot to cold. The temperature fell for felt 20 degrees. Welcome to South African wintertimes. And the cherry on top was fog and a bit rain. No more reason collecting further kilometers here by freezing all day long. From here straight to Cape Town. Luckily we had a hot soup as a starter for dinner to warm up a bit. 

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