21.04.2016 - PATERNOSTER

We got a recommodation visiting Paternoster as a vey nice place to go. But we didn't know that it would probably be one of the most exclusive places in South Africa. It was bloody windy and cold. So we knocked at somebody's door and asked for the price of a room. Miranda opened and asked around. After getting response we told them we do not intend staying for a week. But it actually was the price for only one single night. That was not effortable for our small budget. There was a gap between two houses in the street where we wanted to set our tents up. Maranda didn't want us to sleep out there and offered us her carport as a safer place. We pitched up our tents here and had a nice dinner at her's. Good luck again. We entered in a chef's house. Maranda is a professional food designer and wrote her own cook book. 
I went for a run on the beach next morning and took a bath in the Atlantic waves. It was quite fresh but a wonderful morning swim though. I need that shit to feel your entire body being hit by ice cold sea water.

Before a delicious breakfast with cereals,hot chocolate and pan cakes we took a hot shower. Including all the luxurious stuff you need like shampoo, conditioner and more. I honestly didn't know what all that was but it smelled nice. The result was two fresh smelling and clean looking overlanders after months of digging in the mud.

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