22.04.2016 - CAPE TOWN

Unfortunately we arrived probably at the worst day of the year. We were crashing in the heaviest rain of the year. It startet with slightly showering. 

And ended with waterfalls from haven. We found a more or less rain protected place under a bridge. But of course we were already completely drenched with rain. 

It was not the last solution waiting there. So we qickly checked the surounding area. There was a petrol station right around the corner. At least dry and warm. Roads were almost half a meter flooded. Obviously no tenting tonight. We checked in the Cape Town Backpackers and started celebrating our success with a couple of beers. Later on we went out to Long Street with other backpackers. We partied as hard as possible all night long. No shower in advance. Just as dirty and sweaty as we arrived with disrupted cloths. 

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