23.04.2016 - CAPE OF GOOD HOPE

My last stage today to reach my final destination. We were following the beautyful road along the ocean. You pass the Navi town Simon's Town here. Worth a picture.

YEAAAAAH!!! I made it. After exactly four months I finally arrived at the Cape of Good Hope. A long time on and off the road in probabely the hardest part of the world. Worst road conditions in deep sand, hard rock sections or heavy mud made you occasionally kissing the asphalt. No showers for weeks, sleeping on the bare ground and using grease as skin maintenance doesn't sound like luxury. But you can't pay for these feelings of pure life. You get grounded and go back to the simple rules of life. There are no more problems anymore but solutions. If there has been problems I would not have made it. This is what you get back. 

What a deep and impressive moment remembering quite a long way down. All these fantastic memories are passing in your mind. I start realizing the importance and consequences of riding down the West Coast. I thank everybody who supported me on my adventure. You are stupid if you really think you survived here on your own. West Africa is no bloody playground at all where you fuck around. Bush life is by far not a kindergarten. You are dependant on people helping you all the time. Doesn't matter if you are running out of water, stuck with a breakdown in the nowhereland or need a dry place to sleep. Circumstances are demanding physical and mental strength. But by all that effort you get heaps of life experiences back. 

Particular greetings are going out to my friends Ayoub, Driss and Ahmed from Casablanca. You guys asked me hoisting your flag here for you. As I told you I kept my promise. Your flag suffered at lot on this track. By the time it was drenched with oil, petrol, grease and dust in the case. 

Me and my bike need a rest now after 25.000k. Time to relax now!


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  2. very nice travel ;) , i discovered your blog by a friend Gaetan vanhaut. he told me you are a crazy rider :)))) no seriously thats cool

  3. Haha Gaetan...the most crazy bush rider on planet earth